Many departments, one aim: Your health.

Clinical Services on the highest level

Our departments all work together on an interdisciplinary basis in order to provide our patients with the best possible treatment

Many departments, one aim: Your health.

Newest and approved equipment and latest therapy methods

The specialists of our acute care hospital also offer medical care in orthopaedics and trauma treatments, internal medicine, neurology, vascular surgery, and psychiatry on the very highest level. For the benefit of all patients our highly specialized departments work in an interdisciplinary fashion by using the newest and approved equipment and latest therapy methods.

Spine Centre Vascular Centre

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Interdisciplinary care by our spine experts, orthopaedists, pain specialists, physiotherapists and nursing staff

Best treatment by using the latest medical and treatment procedures

Together with the patient, we tailor the treatment and the planned therapy measures to individual needs. Depending on the clinical picture and diagnosis, both conservative and surgical therapy measures are used. Our back specialists perform open surgical as well as minimally invasive and endoscopic interventions on the spine.

We specialise in the surgical treatment

Diagnostic Services

  • EOS Imaging – precise image-based data on relevant 3D patient anatomies
  • X-ray
  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic resonance tomography (MRT)
  • Angiography (imaging technique for displaying blood vessels)
  • Myelography (imaging technique for displaying the spinal canal)
  • Mammography

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Surgical Techniques / Therapeutic Spectrum & Services

  • spinal stabilization devices (transoral, transthoracic, transabdominal, retropleural and retroperitoneal approaches to the spine, combined with anterior-posterior approaches to the spine)
  • specialised in surgical treatment of spinal deformities (scoliosis, Morbus Scheuermann
  • tumor surgery of the spine
  • minimal invasive removal of disc herniations of lumbar and cervical spine with special focus on cervical spine
  • vertebral fractures
  • treatment of spondylitis
  • Multimodal pain therapy
  • Heat therapy for spinal disc pain (IDET)
  • Diagnostic nerve block
  • Diagnostic joint block